Wednesday, May 4, 2016

European Union calls for return of abducted Ethiopian children

Ethiopian army tries to rescue kidnapped children after 208 killedEuropean Union calls for return of abducted Ethiopian children May 02 12:44 2016 By Timmy Brock Ethiopian forces may cross into South Sudan to pursue them, he said. South Sudanese leaders are trading accusations over who is responsible for a cross-border attack in Ethiopia which Ethiopia's government said resulted in deaths of 208 people and triggered an incursion by Ethiopian troops into South Sudan. "You know in South Sudan we have even cattle rustlers and this is the situation which is happening", he said. In response to the attack, Ethiopian government soldiers have reportedly chased the attackers and killed 60 Murlie perpetrators. Acting Foreign Minister Peter Bashir Gbandi said South Sudan's army was not involved in Friday's attacks. The raids last week happened in three districts of Gambela, in the country's west, when attackers from neighbouring South Sudan crossed into Ethiopia. The region hosts thousands of South Sudanese refugees who fled when war broke out in December 2013. More than 100 children kidnapped and taken to South Sudan last week have been found by the Ethiopian army. "The EU expresses its condolences to the families of the victims and calls for the South Sudanese authorities to ensure the immediate return of the abducted children to their families and that those responsible for this act of violence are held accountable". The Murle, a tribe from South Sudan based in the eastern Jonglei region near the Ethiopian border, often stage raids to steal cattle and abduct children but very rarely on such a large or deadly scale. Ethiopian officials say members of the Murle ethnic group are to blame. Ethiopia believes the raids are not linked to the ongoing conflict in South Sudan. "We have to neutralize the threat, hold whoever perpetrated these heinous crimes to account", Ethiopia's communications minister, Getachew Reda, told CNN by phone from Addis Ababa, the capita State of the State Ks

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