Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Axumite Domination -Sudan Vision

Mekki Elmograbi
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Good Day:Mr. Marco Vigano and the "Axumite Domination

A group of discussion named "Horn of Africa Studies" led a very useful and nice initiative among African and African oriented writers, experts and researchers. The discussions include all issues related to Eastern Africa not just the Horn of Africa; I can say the "Big Horn of Africa". Sometimes - or in fact – usually, Eastern Africa issues lead people to Asian and European issues because the first existence of the mankind started in Ethiopia and then spread out all over the ancient world. We will have a paragraph about this at the end of the article.
I wrote an online article about ancient kingdoms in Ethiopia, after that there was a nice online discussion on Facebook. Also, in the same group, there was another article about "lost African ships" written by the Italian Scholar Morco Vigano. There was mentioning for reasons and evidences of the Axumite domination over the Indian Ocean trade to Europe.
Really, the Eastern Africa region – especially Ethiopia – is the richest part of Sub-Saharan Africa. The Axumite Kingdom was the first civilization that extended its domination to Asia through the red sea and the Indian Ocean. The Omani Empire was the second and it reached Mozambique and made political and commercial ties with Monomatapa of South Africa. The Arab Omani domination came from the same source of the Axumite domination (the Semitic languages and cultures). According to the fact of "Axumite domination over the Indian Ocean" we can say the Arabs inherited the Axumite domination.
VOA published a report and quoted this paragraph about Harar area from Mr. Marco:
"It's the cradle of humanity, ff we don't show the people more than Lucy. It's the bits that come after Lucy that interest us now, and there is so much to be discovered. The people were living with goats and cows. Yes, you can see horns here".
The report went on explaining: "Discoveries are a regular occurrence here. A few kilometers outside Harar, a guide leads visitors up a mountainside to a cave chiseled by the Harla people who lived here for centuries. He splashes water on the outside wall, and it seems to come alive, revealing ancient secrets"
I want to interview Mr. Marco on the relation between the Axumite and Arab domination; this may prove that the first Semitic genes had reached Eastern Africa coastlines before the Omani Empire.