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Ethiopia conducts operation to rescue abducted children-

 "Ethiopia conducts operation to rescue abducted children- Official
Posted by: APA Posted date : April 28, 2016 at 2:54 pm UTC 73 views In : Africa
Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday said the government is conducting massive, careful and calculated operation to rescue the over 120 abducted children by the Murle tribe in neighboring South Sudan.Explaining the rescue mission to African ambassadors in Addis Ababa, State Minister Taye Atsekesilassie said “It is a very careful, a very targeted and a very calculated move we are pursuing. Slowly but surely we would have our children.â€�

The State Minister said what made the April 16 incident different which was perpetrated by the Murle tribe of South Sudan was that the attacks were unusually massive and appeared well-organized.

The Ethiopian government last Friday said its defense force surrounded the place where the abducted children were hostaged and was conducting massive rescue operation.

Ambassador Taye also noted Ethiopian forces had managed to secure the areas from further pillages and brutal attacks.

The violent cross-border attacks also caused the displacement of some 20,000 Ethiopians away from their villages Taye said adding rehabilitation works have been intensified for the displaced people.

With regards to cooperation with the South Sudanese government, Ambassador Taye said, “We are moving in a coordinated manner to solve the problem.�

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