Sunday, April 6, 2014

South Sudan Refugees in Ethiopia living in terrible conditions - Press TV

Sat Apr 5, 2014 2:59PM GMT


Coletta Wanjohi, Press TV, Addis Ababa

Fact Corner
  • South Sudanese refugees arriving at the Ethiopian border are in appalling conditions. Every day an average of 12-hundred refugees-- mostly women and children, arrive in Ethiopia. Left without shelter and proper food, many are forced to sleep on wet ground.
Nyawecu Puoch sits with her seven children on the ground of a tent in the refugee camp in Ethiopia that is hosting south Sudan refugees. She says they walked for 15 days from South Sudan as she fled the ongoing conflict. Like her, other South Sudanese are relieved that they have made the journey across the border safely. However, at the camp which hosts mostly women and children, the living condition is poor.
These are some of the refugees who have just arrived from South Sudan and this make shift tent and a muddy ground is all they can call home for now. The situation is bound to get worse as rains have begun. Those who had a career back home have been reduced to disillusionment. Ethiopia is hosting over 80,000 South Sudan refugees. However, the capacity that individual camps can hold is exceeding as an average of 1200 refugees arrive daily. A camp that could host 25,000 refugees is now holding 40,000. As they move around the camps some with tattered clothes and bare feet, for now this is the only safest place these refugees know. They will have to learn to live without knowing what tomorrow holds for them.

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